Discover Mongolia

You want to discover all the beautiful landscape of Mongolia? But also avoid long time in the car and have as much time as possible horse riding or outside? You want to discover nature but keep comfort ? We created a luxury journey for you between discovering and horse riding, crossing the country from South to North..... This tour can be either horse riding or hiking. Perfect for kids and families looking for adventure and comfort. Among nomadic life and adventures, luxury gers camp, japanese car and 4 stars hotel are waiting for you during your trip in Mongolia !

Interactive map of the tour "Discover Mongolia" including all the destinations

Day 1. Ulaanbaatar, city tour

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia (called UB). You will be met by your guide and driver and transferred to Kempinsky hotel (4 stars), conveniently located in downtown UB within walking distance from major attractions in the city.

Depending on your arrival time, your guide will accompany you around this ‘soviet-esque’ city that offers some rich cultural attractions and museums. You will first head for Gandantegchinlen, a Tibetan-style monastery with 150 monks in residence. This is one of the very few monasteries which escaped the massive destruction during the communist period in the 1930s. The monks in residence usually pray in the morning, a ceremony open to visitors. The Buddhist Centre will be also ready to answer any of your questions.

You will then visit a cashmere factory, one of Mongolia’s best known exports. This will be followed by lunch in a local restaurant to work your taste buds on Mongolian cuisine.

In the afternoon, you will visit the National History Museum where three floors Mongolia’s rich and glorious past await you - from pre-historical ages to the soviet era without forgetting the glories of Genghis Khan’s period of reign. You will then head for our office to collect details of your trip: the itinerary, advice and to address any doubts or questions.

At 6 pm, the Tumen Ekh traditional show will provide an exposé on traditional Mongolian folk arts including folklore dances, contortionism and Khoomi - the famous overtone singing style.

Pick up at the airport

Lunch in town, dinner not included, overnight in a 4 stars hotel

Day 2. Ulaanbaatar - Bayanzag

Early in the morning, you will take your flight to Dalanzadgad, capital city of Omnogov aimag (Mongolia province). By jeep, you will then reach the Gurvan Saikhan park, the “Three Beauties”, a name derived from the three subranges, the East ‘Zuun Saikhan’ the highest at 2815 meters, the Middle ‘Dund Saikhan’ and the Beauty to the West ‘Baruun Saikhan’. You will be driven to the “Flaming Cliffs” of Bayanzag. The rocks radiate a glowing orange colour with the sunset and so the rightfully earned name.

The area is also famous for its fabulous fossil finds. In 1922 Roy Chapman Andrews, palaeontologist, was the first to discover dinosaur eggs and bones in this area, many of which you can now see in the Natural History Museum of Ulaanbaatar as well as in numerous museums throughout the world.

Breakfast at the hotel, Lunch on the way, dinner and overnight in a lodge (the 3 camel lodge)

Flight: 1h15

Jeep: 4h30

Day 3. Bayanzag - Khongoriin Els

You will be driven today to the western end of the park towards Khongoriin Els - the most spectacular sand dunes of Mongolia. In places they rise 200 meters above a lush, spring-fed wetland at their base. At 180km long and 20km wide, the summit of the dunes offer a fabulous view on the vast desert and steppes around. You will also hear for yourself the song of the desert sung by shifting sands and dunes that collapse into sand avalanches in a phenomenon commonly called ‘Singing Dunes’. As sand is constantly moving due to Gobi strong winds, few plants grow among the shifting dunes; the sandy ridges are therefore pure, finely sifted, dun coloured sand.

A camel ride in the Gobi is an unforgettable experience. After breakfast, you ride along the dunes and by the river Khongor which in places disappear into the sands to emerge a few kilometres away. This ride will take you to a small oasis, populated with saxaul plant. Saxaul is the largest plant in the Khongoriin Els basin and grows in dense, forest-like areas at the western end of the dunes.

Breakfast, Lunch on the way, dinner and overnight in gers camp

Camel ride: 2 to 3 hours

Jeep: 4h30

Day 4. khongoriin els - Yolin Am

Going towards the East this time, today’s adventure involves a hike in Yoliin Am (Eagles Canyon), a mountain valley that conceals the natural wonder of a large ice field that remains frozen most of the year. You will stop at Dungdene Canyon to leave the jeep behind and discover the astounding gorge on foot. The gorge is so deep that sunrays are unable to melt the ice field before August, after which temperatures quickly drop with the coming of autumn, leaving much of the ice field frozen all year round.

Yoliin Am or Eagles Canyon is also a favourable place to spot and observe wildlife such as mouflon, wild sheep or argali, snow leopards and black-tailed antelopes. A its name suggests, you will also find eagles, hawks and vultures. You will spend the night with a local herder family.

Breakfast, lunch on the way, dinner and overnight with a family, in a ger for guests

Jeep: 4h30

Hiking: 4h00

Day 5. Yoliin am - Khuvsgul

Catch your flight for Khuvsgul province to the provincial capital city of Moron. After the 1 hour and 15 minutes flight, you will be transported to another world…the wild northern frontier of wide grasslands and nomads that roam free. Two to three hours of a rough ride on dirt track is necessary to reach Hatgal at the southern end of the lake. Imagine 2760 square meters of pristine crystal waters so pure you can drink it – this is Khuvsgul lake.

As a transition zone between Central Asian Steppe and Siberian Taiga, the lake is surrounded by several mountain ranges with peaks above 2000 meters. The surrounding pine forests and lush pastures are home to yaks, horses and wildlife such as ibex, wolf, and musk deer. We leave Hatgal for Alagsar ger camp on the east shore of the lake.

Embarked aboard a small motorboat, we follow the bank of the lake and reach our camp.

Breakfast, lunch on the way, dinner and overnight in a gers camp

Jeep: 2h30

Domestic flight: 3 hours

Boat : 30 minutes

Day 6 & 7. Khuvsgul Lake, yak carting trip

During these two days, you will trek by horse or on foot in the wooded valleys of Alag Sar. You will be accompanied by local herders and a yak cart. Yak carts are traditionally used to transport heavy items like wood or the family ger. Yaks are very helpful for nomadic migrations. On this trip, the cart will transport your own ger which will be set up in the evening for the night.

This trip will be also an opportunity to discover the everyday lives of nomads. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about their daily joys and worries. However, one question they don’t like to answer precisely is how many heads of cattle they have. Mongols are superstitious and believe that if they do give precise figures, some cattle heads will be killed during the night. Alag Sar is also known for its beautiful valley flowers. Get lost in an ocean of flowers and gaze down into the crystal clear lake waters that reflect the high mountain peaks on the opposite shore.

Day 7: Breakfast in gers camp, lunch picnic, overnight in ger (bivouac)

Day 8: Breakfast, lunch picnic, overnight in gers camp

Horse ride: 4 to 5 hours by day

Day 8. Khuvsgul Lake - Ulaanbaatar

You will be driven back to Moron to catch your flight to Ulaanbaatar. This road takes you through a wonderful landscape of rolling grassland, the last you will see before your departure. The city of Moron is located on the hillside in the North of mounts Ertchim, on the bank of the Delgermoron river. We shall stop in town to buy fresh food at the local market. In Ulaanbaatar, you will be transferred to Kempinsky Hotel where you’ll have your guide and a driver at your disposal until dinner.

Breakfast at the gers camp, lunch on the way, dinner not included and overnight in 4 stars hotel

Jeep: 7h00

Local flight : 1 h15

Day 9. Ulaanbaatar - Kharkhorin

The legendary city of Genghis Khan was established in 1220 along the Ancient Silk Road. It remained Mongolia’s capital city until Kubilai Khan later moved it to Beijing though the ruins of the great city still remain today. After this you will visit Erdene Zuu monastery which was built in 1586 by a nomad prince. The monastery has been built with inspiration from China and Tibet and is surrounded by 108 sacred stupas.

Breakfast, lunch on the way, dinner and overnight in a luxury gers camp (the dream camp)

Jeep: 6 hours

Day 10. Kharkhorin - Orkhon Valley

We cross the mounts of Khangai to go in the valley of Orkhon classified in the UNESCO world heritage. On the way,, we shall go to visit the monastery of Tovkhon where Zanabazar, the first religious leader of Mongolia, composed the alphabet Soyombo the first letter of which became the symbol of the country. Since this monastery, situated in 2 312 meters in height, we shall have a magnificent panorama on all the chain of Khangaï. We shall join our host family, installed(settled) on the banks of Orkhon, in the afternoon.

Breakfast, lunch on the way, dinner and overnight with a family, in a ger for guests

Jeep: 4h00

Hike: 2h00

Day 11. Orkhon Valley, waterfalls

This will be a day of rest and reflection by the beautiful Orkhon waterfalls while experiencing the simple Nomadic life. After herding cattle with the family, you will proceed to the Ulan Tsutgalaan waterfalls by horse or by foot. Formed more than 20,000 years ago by a rare combination of earthquakes and volcanic activity, these 16 meters high waterfalls are simply magical. Spend time taking in the white shimmering mass of water crashing on black stone and splashing a rainbow of colours with the sun.

Breakfast, Lunch picnic, dinner and overnight with a family, in a ger for guests

Horse: 4h00

Day 12. Mogoit, hot springs

Waking up early to be able to take advantage at most of this day on horseback. We shall go up to the hot springs of Mogoit. These springs have an included temperature enter 48 and 75°C, ideal to relax our muscles some little painful by these few hours on horseback or hiking. In the evening, pitch in to help prepare and feast on ‘Horhog', also called mongol barbecue, a traditional Mongolian stewed meat dish.

Breakfast, lunch picnic, dinner and overnight in a ger next to a family

Horse/Hike: 6 hours

Mongolian barbecue

Day 13. Orkhon Valley - Khogno Khan

Discover the parc : steppes, taiga, rocky formations, fractures of sand 80 km lng characterize this dry region. We ride up to Erdene Khambiin Hiid’s - monastery build by Zanabazar, in honour of his professor the monk Erdene - before returning to the sand dunes.

Breakfast in gers camp, lunch on the way, dinner and overnight in a teepees camp

Jeep: 4h00

Horse riding: 2h00

Day 14. Khogno Khan - Ulaanbaatar

In the morning, you will be driven back to Ulaanbaatar. In the afternoon you can spend time with your guide and driver in the capital city. You can take this chance to visit Naraan Tuul black market, one of Asia’s largest outdoor markets, for the last bit of shopping.

Breakfast, picnic on the way, dinner not included, overnight in a 4 stars hotel

Jeep: 4h30

Day 15. Return

This will be your last day in Mongolia. You will be driven to Ulaanbaatar international airport for your return flight, filled with memories of the land of limitless space and eternal blue skies.

This will be your last day in Mongolia. You will be driven to Ulaanbaatar international airport for your return flight, filled with memories of the land of limitless space and eternal blue skies.

15 days
$3200 USD
Jeep Level
Horseriding Level
Hikking Level


Several nights in luxury camps and hotels

Japanese car

14 days between horse ride & jeep

Cross Mongolia

Discover Khusvgul Lake, Gobi Desert & Orkhon valley


hotel yourte camps tente
jeep avion bateau train
marche cheval chameau

Departures and Prices (custom)

Private journeys are possible at these fares:


2 persons: 4500 USD/ pax

3 persons: 4000 USD / pax

4 to 7 persons: 3500 USD / pax

8 to 10 persons: 3200 USD / pax



included in the price

  1. Airport/Hotel/Airport transfers
  2. Ulaanbaatar / Dalandzadgad flight
  3. Dalanzadgad / Moron flight
  4. Moron / Ulaanbaatar flight
  5. 3 nights in 4 stars hotel
  6. Breakfast and lunch in Ulaanbaatar
  7. All meals during the trip
  8. 4 nights with local herder family
  9. 6 nights in comfortable gers camp
  10. 4 nights in a gers camp
  11. 4x4 or mini van + driver
  12. Gasoline
  13. English-speaking guide
  14. Cook for groups > 4 persons
  15. Boat in Khusvgul
  16. Camel riding
  17. horse riding
  18. Entrance fees for parks and museum mentioned
  19. Traditional Mongolian show


excluded from the price

  1. International transport
  2. Visa and passeport fees
  3. Insurance rapatriation
  4. Travel insurance
  5. Airport taxes
  6. Extra drink/alcohol
  7. Phone calls
  8. Gratuities
  9. Dinner in UB
  10. All another items not mentioned in the program


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